Castello del Barone

"Collector's Edition"

Century old olive groves are the main characters of this very great extra virgin olive oil.

Castello del Barone “Collector’s edition” is a very fine extra virgin olive oil produced 100% from Patrini olive variety also known as Koutsourelia. The harvest of the emerald green olives begins in mid-September.

We select the oldest trees surrounding the Baron’s Castle which, in combination with our own olive tree fields, offer us this extra virgin olive oil with a history of 8 centuries enclosed in a crimson bottle.

Its content in polyphenols classifies it in biofunctional foods with health claim properties. Its production is small with a limited number of bottles thus, pre-order is highly recommended.
The unique combination of organoleptic characteristics is the most essential reason for someone to taste such an exquisite sample of Patrini variety.
A flavor that inspires every dish and turns it into a masterpiece.

The nose can detect aromas of fresh herbs and tomato.
In the mouth, spices and flowers, create a true sensation.

Why Ranis & Castello del Barone?

Early harvest and cold extraction technique results to an extra virgin olive oil which retains all the bioactive compounds of the unripe olives.

Our ancient “Koutsourelia” variety has a unique flavour, as well as an intense aroma of freshly crushed olives, that will not go unnoticed by the consumer.
Bitterness – along with fruitiness and spiciness – is one of the positive and beneficial characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil. It denotes the presence of antioxidants that are precious for our health, such as polyphenols.
Its high content of total polyphenols exceeds the limits of EU Commission Regulation No 432/2012 of 16 May 2012 which provides anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties.
Our olive groves are cultivated based on the organic farming principles and overseen by a certified agent authorized by TUV Hellas.

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