Sustainability first

Sustainability is in our DNA

Committed to make unique masterpieces with the help of the regenerative agriculture science, we preserve the biodiversity of the environment in order to take care of the health of our soils.

Because healthy soil leads to a well-balanced ecosystem where there is complete harmony in the various forms of life.

We use natural sustainable solutions to rebalance our olive groves, our communities and our planet.

Keys to victory

This can be achieved with the help of beneficial microorganisms that work in a mutual symbiosis with the olive trees and the soil as they act only on the nutrition functions of plants (support crucial metabolic pathways, aid photosynthesis and facilitate antioxidant activity).

More particularly with the combination of corresponding probiotics they result in the increase of mineral absorption and better resistance to abiotic stress.

All above key factors stimulate the production of not only antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols but also of compounds promoting fruit filling, flavor and the emerald green color of our evoo.

That’s why our evoo is so much special…

Powered by Mother Nature!

Our olive groves are cultivated based on the organic farming principles and overseen 
by a certified agent authorized by TUV Hellas.


Our products

Our passion for the production of an extra virgin olive oil is pure art for us.

Ranis premium edition

Green taste notes give a rare character to this spicy and lightly bitter extra virgin olive oil.

Ranis limited edition

An extra virgin olive oil with a unique fruity aroma of unripe olives. It balances between a remarkable bitter taste and a long-lasting spicy aftertaste.

Castello del Barone
"Collector's edition"

Consider this crimson bottle as a rare opportunity to enjoy every drop (a.k.a. Ranis in ancient Greek) of an aristocratic EVOO!