Behind the scenes

Producing the finest and highest quality of extra virgin olive oil.


"The specialist"

Born in 1975 in Patras (a milestone, as Bill Gates and Paul Allen set up Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico that year) graduate of the Agricultural University, Spiridon Anagnostopoulos began his professional career in 2001 setting up his own business “AGROFITIKI“ Agricultural Supplies.
Following a successful and remarkable course the company opens its first branch in 2008.
As a specialized agronomist, with years of experience and research in olive tree cultivation he eventually opted for the terroir of Chalandritsa, Achaea.
Having as a goal the creation of a premium single variety evoo, he invested in the native olive variety “Patrini” commonly known as “Koutsourelia”.
Taking into account the health benefits from olive’s green juice, the regulations of sustainable development, the ecological approach of cultivation and the production of a high added value product adapted to the new patterns of climatic change, the new enterprise “Ranis“ evoo Anagnostopoulos family was established.
Currently, agricultural scientist Anagnostopoulos N. Spiridon is a scientific partner of relevant olive oil Greek Brands acknowledged both nationally and internationally.


"The visionary"

Panagiotis Papanikolopoulos was born in Kalamata and studied Business Administration in Patras, his second homeland!
As a child he used to watch cook shows in satellite channels in the late 1980’s, however since he did not become a professional chef, he invented his alter ego, Gastronaut and started publishing articles as a food writer.
In the years of his so-called “mature youth”, he discovered the exciting world of extra virgin olive oil.
He is the co-founder of Oliverse, certified olive oil taster and active member of “Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory” at the University of Peloponnese, and also a judge/panel leader in London International Olive Oil Competitions. (LIOOC)

In the last five years he has travelled from Alexandroupoli to Ierapetra (Crete) and from Corfu to Tinos, organizing seminars about the “tasty marriages” as he calls the food pairings of unexplored Greek olive varieties.
In this non-stop exploration, he was captivated by the organoleptic characteristics of “Patrini” (a.k.a. Koutsourelia) and made it his life’s pursuit to emphasise it, since he was convinced that it had unfairly remained unknown for centuries.
In this effort to achieve this goal, he found his perfect “fellow traveler” in the face of Spiros Anagnostopoulos, who without hesitation agreed to assist his vision about the Baron of Chalandritsa and to enclose over 800 years of noble history in a crimson bottle!

Aggelos / Tasos

"The artists"

Aggelos and Tasos Spiliotopoulos were born in Chalandritsa, Municipality of Erymanthos.
Today, they are managing directors of “Spiliotopoulos family“ Company, an olive oil producing and bottling company having taken over from their predecessors George and Konstantinos Spiliotopoulos.
Their relationship with olive oil is characterized by their passion for quality as well as their concern about the modern reality and climatic change.
Having studied music for years has enabled them to “orchestrate” the operation of the machinery of their factory during olive oil production most harmoniously.
Seventy years of continuous operation of the family’s olive oil production unit, which is only 500 metres away from the olive-tree fields “Ranis” guarantee and ensure products of superior quality.

Our products

Our passion for the production of an extra virgin olive oil is pure art for us.

Ranis premium edition

Green taste notes give a rare character to this spicy and lightly bitter extra virgin olive oil.

Ranis ultra premium edition

An extra virgin olive oil with a unique fruity aroma of unripe olives. It balances between a remarkable bitter taste and a long-lasting spicy aftertaste.

Castello del Barone
"Collector's edition"

Consider this crimson bottle as a rare opportunity to enjoy every drop (a.k.a. Ranis in ancient Greek) of an aristocratic EVOO!