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Unique extra virgin olive oil from the heart of the Mediterranean.

Learn about the history and origins of our liquid gold.


Ranis is a single variety extra virgin olive oil which originates from the rare ancient variety “Patrini” also known as “Koutsourelia”.

This specific variety has thrived since ancient years in the fertile plains of Chalandritsa, Achaea at the foot of Erymanthos Mountain (Preserved region, Natura 2000) at 400 metres altitude and can be found nowhere else on earth.

According to the written texts and historians like “Pausanias”, this specific variety comes from the depths of centuries.

Additionally, Olympic games, the well known worldwide sporting event of Ancient Greece, have been connected with this variety, because among all the other awards and prizes of the Olympic winners, were the olive twig crowns,  which came from the “Koutsourelia” variety. 

On its fine bottle, 6 olive oil drops can be seen, which depict the 6 millennia that have passed since the domestication and prevalence of the Mediterranean olive variety Olea europeae in the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean basin.

Castello del Barone

Castello Del Barone “Collector’s Edition” is an extra virgin olive oil which comes mainly from the oldest olive trees of our olive fields.

Some of them are older than 1200years, thus, they are even older than the Barony of Chalandritsa which was established in 1209 AD.

We are working with the oldest soils in the world and produce premium, 100% organic extra virgin olive oil.

This special collection edition is dedicated to the first Baron of the Principality of Achaea, Gui de la Trémoille.

The consumption of this specific olive oil which was produced from unripe green olives “oliva verde” of the Koutsourelia variety was, at the time, an exclusive privilege of the noblemen.

Passion, knowledge and hard work are the main ingredients which allowed us to secure the worldwide success of our products.

Our products

Our passion for the production of an extra virgin olive oil is pure art for us.

Ranis premium edition

Green taste notes give a rare character to this spicy and lightly bitter extra virgin olive oil.

Ranis limited edition

An extra virgin olive oil with a unique fruity aroma of unripe olives. It balances between a remarkable bitter taste and a long-lasting spicy aftertaste.

Castello del Barone
"Collector's edition"

Consider this crimson bottle as a rare opportunity to enjoy every drop (a.k.a. Ranis in ancient Greek) of an aristocratic EVOO!