Rib Eye με πουρέ Σελινόριζας

Rib Eye Steak, Celery Root Purée, Asparagus & Vin Doux Samos Sauce

For the Vin Doux Samos, Cherries & Porcini Sauce

  • 150gr of wild cherries
  • 150gr porcini
  • 500ml vin doux Samos
  • 50ml extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt / Pepper

For the Celery Root Purée

  • 500gr of diced Celery Root
  • 100gr sliced onions
  • 1lt of milk
  • 80ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tb vanilla paste
  • Salt / Pepper


In a pan we sautee the wild cherries & porcini mushrooms with evoo.
We add the wine and we cook until its at the 1/3.
We add salt & pepper. In a pan we sautee the celery root & onions with evoo.
We add the milk & the vanilla paste.
We cook until its tender & we blend with salt & pepper.
We Blanche the asparagus & sautee them with evoo.

We also sautee the rib eye with evoo & we serve by end the plate with evoo.